Free Webinar: Finding Your Dream Job or Candidate in Behavioral Health

From our Friends at BHAP

Behavioral healthcare is an industry that’s experienced a lot of changes and growth over the past several years. Some of the changes have led to negative results such as reduced workforces, reduction in compensation plans for employees, and the closure of hundreds or thousands of treatment centers. Likewise, there have been changes leading to positive results including acquisitions/consolidation of facilities leading to more stable organizations, expansion of service offerings, and thousands of new treatment providers.

With these changes, there have been many positions eliminated and created, causing employees to seek new opportunities out of necessity or because a new, seemingly better opportunity calls their name.

From a job seeker’s perspective, this webinar walks through best practices for evaluating whether a job opportunity or organization is right for you.

We address:

  • How to identify an organization to become a part of
  • Determining if a particular position is the right fit for his/her career path
  • How to get their information to the organization
  • Best practices for presentation of resumes
  • Things to consider for phone and Zoom interviews
  • How to connect at face-to-face interviews
  • Examples of interview questions, what’s the question behind the question, and things to consider when answering
  • How to ask for the job and “close the deal”.

For those hiring, you’ll learn how to attract, best practices for screening, hiring, training, and retaining their ideal candidates.

We address:

  • How to identify the characteristics and background your ideal candidate will have
  • The process for vetting candidates and what team members will be a part of that process
  • Strategies for attracting your ideal candidates
  • How to structure interviews and the timeline involved with hiring
  • How to evaluate a candidate’s resume and job history
  • Identifying the type of interview questions to ask and what responses you are seeking
  • Non-verbal communication signs to be aware of
  • Best practices for presenting your opportunity and offer to candidates as one they cannot pass on
  • How to gain commitment from the candidate and “close the deal”.

The job search can be tough — no matter if you need a job or have one to fill. This webinar will ease the process no matter what side you’re on.


Jordan Young is the CEO of Jordan and Associates, an associate member of BHAP.

Jordan’s personal recovery and desire to help others nudged him into his career in behavioral healthcare. Since 2010, he’s worked in positions where he helped over 4,000 patients find treatment that met their clinical, demographic, and financial needs; designed and oversaw a national conference series where he formed relationships with hundreds of behavioral healthcare companies, and thousands of industry individuals; and provided recruiting and consulting services for start-up or established treatment centers, and organizations servicing the treatment industry. His core values are shaped by his relationship with God, his family and recovery.

Jamie Vance is the founder at The Vance Group Healthcare Consulting.

Jamie has worked for leading companies in behavioral health for over 15 years. He started on the ground floor and worked his way to Chief Marketing Officer at a 400-bed addiction treatment company where he helped grow the company from $5M to $30M in revenue over three years by building out the digital marketing, admissions, alumni marketing, and sales teams. Jamie has a passion for seeing others realize success and takes a coaching approach to get there.

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